Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Congaree Room (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Organic Matter Processing II
Organizer:John Stephen Kominoski
10:15 AMComparison of Leaf Litter Breakdown from Native and Invasive Riparian Trees in Forested and Developed River Reaches on the Island of Hawaii
Richard A. MacKenzie, Nicole Cormier, Frances M. Kinslow, Tracy N. Wiegner
10:30 AMMapping the leaf surface: Fine scale spatial patterns in microbial enzyme activity on decomposing leaves in streams
Kurt A. Smart, Colin R. Jackson
10:45 AMComparison of Fungal Importance on Submerged Wood and Leaf Litter in Two Headwater Streams
Vladislav Gulis, Keller Suberkropp, Amy D. Rosemond
11:00 AMShredders: abundance, species richness, and role in litter breakdown in Hong Kong streams
Oi Yee Li, David Dudgeon
11:15 AMThe contribution of corn detritus to metabolism and carbon cycling in Midwestern agricultural streams
Natalie A. Griffiths, Jennifer L. Tank, PhD, Thomas J. Warrner, Todd V. Royer, Therese C. Frauendorf, Catherine P. Chambers, Jillian D. Pokelsek, Michelle A. Evans-White, PhD, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Matt R. Whiles
11:30 AMA Method for Measuring Bacterial Mineralization Rates of Suspended Particulate Organic Carbon in Stream Ecosystems
David C. Richardson, J. Denis Newbold, Anthony K. Aufdenkampe, Philip G. Taylor, Louis A. Kaplan
11:45 AMHow does diversity of decomposing leaf litter affect temporal changes in litter chemistry and associated macroinvertebrate assemblages in a detritus-based stream?
John Stephen Kominoski, Catherine Mann Pringle
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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