Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 3:45 PM-5:30 PM
Richland Room B (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Biogeochemistry IV
Organizer:Patrick J. Mulholland
3:45 PMNitrogen cycling in the riparian zone of a tidal freshwater river
Scott H. Ensign, Michael F. Piehler, Ph.D., Martin Doyle, PhD
4:00 PMNitrogen cycling across an urbanization gradient
Brooke A. Hassett, Emily S. Bernhardt, Elizabeth B. Sudduth, Peter A. Cada
4:15 PMThe Contribution of Nitrogen Fixation to Nitrogen Cycling in Ditch Creek, WY Throughout the Summer Season
Lisa A. Kunza, Robert O. Hall Jr.
4:30 PMInfluence of Wood Decomposition on Nitrogen Dynamics in Stream Ecosystems: Interactive Effects of Substrate Quality and Nitrogen Loading
Daniel J. Sobota, Stan V. Gregory, Sherri L. Johnson
4:45 PMThe Influence of Land-Use on Autochthonous DON Production in Streams from Two Contrasting Biomes
Laura T. Johnson, Jennifer L. Tank, Robert O. Hall Jr., Patrick J. Mulholland
5:00 PMNitrous Oxide Production Via Denitrification in 71 Headwater Streams Measured with Stable Isotope Additions
Jake J. Beaulieu, Walter K. Dodds, Nancy B. Grimm, Robert O. Hall, Stephen K. Hamilton, William H. McDowell, Patrick J. Mulholland, Bruce J. Peterson, Jennifer L. Tank, H. Maurice Valett, Jackson R. Webster, Clay Arango, Melody J. Bernot, Amy J. Burgin, Chelsea Crenshaw, Bobbie Niederlehner, Jonathan M. O'Brien, Jody D. Potter, Richard W. Sheibley, Daniel J. Sobota, Suzanne M. Thomas
5:15 PMSpawning Salmon Alleviate Nitrogen Limitation in a 100-Year Riparian Succession Chronosequence of a Kamchatka (Russian Federation) River
Michael R. Morris, Jack A. Stanford
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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