Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Richland Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Bioassessment II
Organizer:John Van Sickle
8:00 AMBiological Assessment of the Lake Allatoona/Upper Etowah River Watershed, Georgia
James B. Stribling, Colin R. Hill, Michael Morrissey, David Kubala
8:15 AMSpatial Variation of Benthic Bioassessment Metric Scores in Virginia Piedmont Streams
Andrew L. Garey, Leonard L. Smock
8:30 AMInterpretation of Differences between Two Benthic Macroinvertebrate Indicators of Stream Condition in Montana
David L. Feldman, Benjamin K. Jessup, Charles P. Hawkins
8:45 AMUtility of Assessing Invertebrates at the Population Level in Monitoring Programs
Tim Arciszewski, Kelly Munkittrick, Karen Kidd
9:00 AMUse of DNA-Signatures and Micro-Array Analyses for Assessing Freshwater Invertebrate Biodiversity: Current Challenges and Future Promises
Charles P. Hawkins, Michael Pfrender, Paula Hartzell, Phil Larsen, Mark Bagley, Greg Courtney, Brian R. Creutzburg, John H. Epler, Steve Fend, Leonard C. Ferrington Jr., Suzanne Jackson, André Lévesque, John C. Morse, Matthew Petersen, Andrea J. Radwell, David Ruiter, David Schindel, Michael Whiting
9:15 AMWhere have all the mayflies gone? Patterns of impacts to Appalachian Ephemeroptera
Gregory J. Pond, Margaret E. Passmore
9:30 AMIndices of taxon-by-taxon disagreement between observed and expected assemblages
John Van Sickle
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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