Monday, June 4, 2007: 3:15 PM-5:00 PM
Congaree Room (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Large River Ecology
Organizer:Stan V. Gregory
3:15 PMBenthic Trawling as a Supplement to Electrofishing on the Ohio River
Jeff A. Thomas
3:30 PMFood Web Dynamics of Fishes in Relation to Lateral Connectivity Gradients in the Upper Mississippi River
Katherine A. Roach, James H. Thorp, PhD, Michael D. Delong
3:45 PMSpatial and Temporal Patterns in the Isotopic Composition of Phytoplankton in a Large Floodplain River
Michael D. Delong, James H. Thorp, PhD
4:00 PMHome on the Big River: Assessing Habitat Condition in the Great Rivers of the Central United States
Debra L. Taylor, Theodore R. Angradi, Sharon L. Batterman, David W. Bolgrien, Brian H. Hill, Terri M. Jicha, Mary F. Moffett, Mark S. Pearson
4:15 PMConcordance (or lack thereof) between water chemistry and ecosystem function in a eutrophic river
Amy M. Marcarelli, Heather A. Bechtold, Richard S. Inouye, Amanda T. Rugenski, Colden V. Baxter
4:30 PMConservation and Restoration of Cold Water Habitats in the Willamette River and its Floodplain
Stan V. Gregory, Randy Wildman
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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