Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Richland Room B (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Hyporheic Processes
Organizer:Geoffrey C. Poole
10:15 AMMeasurement of Water Residence Time, Flowpath and Sediment Oxygen Demand in Seasonally Inundated Floodplain Swamps of the Georgia Coastal Plain
M. Jason Todd, George Vellidis, R. Richard Lowrance, Catherine M. Pringle
10:30 AMSurface-Subsurface Linkages in a Headwater Stream during Leaf Fall
Alba Argerich, Eugčnia Martí, Miquel Ribot, Francesc Sabater, Daniel Von Schiller
10:45 AMWhole stream response to NO3 loading in three streams draining agricultural landscapes
John H. Duff, Anthony J. Tesoriero, William B., Richardson, Eric A. Strauss, Mark D. Munn
11:00 AMAnalyzing a modification of the swirl and decant method of collecting meiofauna from core samples
Garrett Tyler Clark, Arthur V. Brown, Andrea J. Radwell, Julia K. Eichman
11:15 AMThe Hyporheic Food Web of a Sandy-Bottom Third-Order Stream in Bibb County, Alabama
Thomas S. Wright, M.S., Water, Sci
11:30 AMImpact of In-Stream Geomorphic Structures on Hyporheic Exchange of Water and Heat in Streams
Erich T. Hester, Martin W. Doyle
11:45 AMEffects of Suspended Sediments on Downstream Biogeochemistry following Dam Removal
J. Adam Riggsbee, Jason P. Julian, Martin W. Doyle, Robert G. Wetzel
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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