42 Poster - Microbial Ecology

Tuesday, May 19, 2009: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Ambassador Ballroom
Effects of physical and chemical factors on denitrifier community composition and denitrification rates in agriculturally impacted streams
Jael M. Edgerton, Kent State University; Alyssa K. Baxter, Kent State University; Laura T. Johnson, Indiana University - Bloomington; Laura G Leff, Kent State University; Todd V. Royer, Indiana University
The acid mine drainage environment: Impact of physico-chemical changes associated with remediation on microbial communities
Suchismita Ghosh, Kent State University; Christopher J Woolverton, Kent State University; Laura G Leff, Kent State University
Linkage among algal/bacterial community structure, organic exudates and denitrification potential in stream biofilms
Allison D. Daley, Loyola University Chicago; S. M. Hell, Loyola University Chicago; K. N. Kalscheur, Northwestern University; M. Sullivan, Loyola University Chicago; S. L. Kufta, Loyola University Chicago; J. S. Saliba, Loyola University Chicago; R. Bednarczyk, Loyola University Chicago; S. Bigley, Loyola University Chicago; K. A. Gray, Northwestern University; J. J. Kelly, Loyola University Chicago; C. G. Peterson, Loyola University Chicago
Is the diversity and functioning of benthic biofilms affected by watershed land use in tropical streams?
Sofia Burgos, University of Puerto Rico; Alonso Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico
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