71 Bioassessment III

Wednesday, May 20, 2009: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
Imperial Ballroom
Paula C. Furey
4:15 PM
Post-fire land management and stream condition in the lower Cotter River catchment, ACT
DF Bourke, Institute of Applied Ecology; Richard H. Norris, University of Canberra
4:30 PM
Crayfish diet and mercury bioaccumulation in AMD impacted streams
Ebenezer E. Aluma, Ohio University; Kelly S. Johnson, Ohio University; Patrick Hassett, Ohio University
4:45 PM
The influence of landuse on aquatic macroinvertebrates in streams and rivers of South Carolina
James B. Glover, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control; Jeannie Eidson, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
5:00 PM
Picking our poisons: Studying tomorrow's aquatic stressors today
Konrad J. Kulacki, University of Notre Dame; Dominic T. Chaloner, University of Notre Dame; David M. Costello, University of Notre Dame; James H. Larson, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks; Michelle A. Evans-White, University of Arkansas; Kathryn M. Docherty, University of Oregon; Randall J. Bernot, Ball State University; Michael A. Brueseke, University of Notre Dame; David W. Sena, University of Michigan; Charles F. Kulpa Jr., University of Notre Dame; Gary A. Lamberti, University of Notre Dame
5:15 PM
All rocks aren't the same; How geologic processes influence abandoned mine land assessments
T. Schmidt, USGS; Stan Church, USGS; William H. Clements, Colorado State University; Katy Mitchell, Colorado State University; David Fey, USGS; Rich Wanty, USGS; Phill Verplanck, USGS; Carma San Juan, USGS; Terry Klein, USGS; Ed DeWitt, USGS; Barnaby Rockwell, USGS
5:30 PM
Algal assemblages as drivers and indicators of riverine ecosystem states: Photogrammetric assessment of ecologically significant variation at watershed scales
Paula C. Furey, University of California Berkeley; Mary E. Power, University of California Berkeley; Rex L. Lowe, Bowling Green State University; Michael Limm, University of California Berkeley; Jill R. Welter, College of St. Catherine; Jack Sculley, University of California Berkeley; Charlene Ng, University of California Berkeley
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