16 Community Ecology III

Tuesday, May 19, 2009: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Governor's Room
Checo Colón-Gaud
8:00 AM
Blinded by the stink: Elevated pH impairs the anti-predator responses of freshwater gastropods
Andrew M. Turner, Clarion University; Michael F. Chislock, Clarion University
8:15 AM
Macroinvertebrates of glacial and snowmelt-fed lake outlets in the North Cascade Mountains
Kelley L. Turner, Western Washington University; Robin Matthews, Western Washington University
8:30 AM
Understanding crayfish community ecology in the context of local and regional environmental change
Brie A. Edwards, University of Toronto; Donald A. Jackson, University of Toronto; Keith M. Somers, Ontario Ministry of Environment
8:45 AM
Relationships associated with land cover and the macroinvertebrate community of northern Kentucky streams
Jamie B. Wisenall, Miami University; Matthew S. Wooten, Northern Kentucky Sanitation District No. 1
9:00 AM
9:15 AM
Seasonal changes in benthic diatom community composition in an Antarctic stream related to stream flow
Lee F. Stanish, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research; Allison J. Kimball, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research; Diane M. McKnight, University of Colorado
9:30 AM
Rock pool diatoms: Who are they and where are they from?
Joshua T. Cooper, University of Oklahoma; Elizabeth A. Bergey, University of Oklahoma
9:45 AM
Macroinvertebrate community responses to catastrophic amphibian declines in neotropical streams: Potential for functional redundancy among tadpoles and grazing mayflies
Checo Colón-Gaud, Southern Illinois University; Matt R. Whiles, Southern Illinois University; Susan S. Kilham, Drexel University; Karen R. Lips, Southern Illinois University; Catherine M. Pringle, University of Georgia; Scott Connelly, University of Georgia; Scot D. Peterson, Southern Illinois University
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