Thursday, May 29, 2008: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 255 E
Special Session - Ecological stoichiometry of catchments: Scaling our understanding of physical, chemical, and biological controls II
Moderators:Mark B. Green
Jacques C. Finlay
John Schade
1:30 PMIn-stream control of stoichiometry of dissolved nutrients in a forested watershed
Jacques C. Finlay, James Hood, John Schade, Jill R. Welter, Camille McNeely, Mary E. Power
1:45 PMDifferences in nitrogen content between native and non-native riparian plants induce changes in ecosystem processes
Mary J. Harner, Teresa M. Tibbets, Jennifer Follstad Shah, Chelsea L. Crenshaw, Robert L. Sinsabaugh
2:00 PMSpatial variation in the coupling of nitrogen and phosphorus uptake in stream ecosystems
John Schade, Steven A. Thomas, Jill R. Welter, Camille McNeely, Jacques C. Finlay, Mary E. Power
2:15 PMStream network position affects epilithic nitrogen to phosphorus ratio and nutrient uptake in a northern California watershed
Jill R. Welter, Shawna S. Handschug, John Schade, Carrie A. Booth
2:30 PMPatterns of caddisfly stoichiometry within riverine networks: The relative importance of homeostasis, food stoichiometry, and stream size
James Hood, Jacques C. Finlay, R.W. Sterner
2:45 PMHow resources mediate invasiveness: The case for phosphorus
Teresa M. Tibbets, Amy C. Krist
3:00 PMBiological stoichiometry of prokaryotic hetertrophs: Implications for nutrient recycling in periphyton and ecosystem production
J. Thad Scott, Timothy M. LaPara, James B. Cotner
Sponsor:Special Sessions

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