Thursday, May 29, 2008: 10:45 AM-12:00 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 355 B
Ecotoxicology II
Moderator:Michelle Hornberger
10:45 AMUse of bioaccumulated metal in tolerant, resident taxa to indicate ecotoxicological effects on stream macroinvertebrate assemblages
Daniel Cain, Samuel Luoma, Philip Rainbow
11:00 AMMethyl mercury bioaccumulation by the crayfish (Orconectes sanbornii) in acid mine impacted waters
Ebenezer . E. Aluma, Kelly Johnson, Patrick Hassett
11:15 AMHeavy metal bioaccumulation by filter–feeding species: Ephoron virgo and hydropsyche spp. in the lower ebro river (NE Iberian Peninsula)
Núria Cid, Carles Ibáñez, Narcís Prat
11:30 AMAn assessment of manganese and iron in Kentucky lake sediments using tubifex tubifex (Oligochaeta:Tubificidae)
Amanda M. Nelson, David S. White
11:45 AMBiodynamic modeling of cu and cd in a biomonitor: Do laboratory-derived constants predict metal concentrations in nature?
Michelle Hornberger, Marie-Noel Croteau, Daniel Cain
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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