Tuesday, May 27, 2008: 10:45 AM-12:00 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 355 C
Fish Ecology II
Moderator:Jason M. Taylor
10:45 AMThe influence of juvenile growth and migration patterns on smolt-to-adult survival of John Day River, Oregon, steelhead
Ian A. Tattam, James R. Ruzycki, Wayne H. Wilson, Hiram W. Li, Guillermo R. Giannico
11:00 AMMovement and diel activity of banded kokopu, a drift-feeding stream fish, in relation to food availability, Dunedin, New Zealand
Quinn H. Cannon, Gerard P. Closs, Eric A. Hansen
11:15 AMPrey availability as a predictor of mottled sculpin foraging behavior in a small Michigan stream
Matthew J. Breen, Carl R. Ruetz III, Steven L. Kohler
11:30 AMEcological futures for stream fishes along an intermittent great plains riverscape affected by drought and groundwater withdrawal for irrigation
Jeffrey A. Falke, Kurt D. Fausch, Robin Magelky, Angela Squires, Deanna Durnford, Linda Riley, Ramchand Oad
11:45 AMThe role of instream habitat and nutrient enrichment in structuring fish communities in central Texas streams
Jason M. Taylor, Charles E. Stanley, Ryan S. King
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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