Thursday, May 29, 2008: 3:30 PM-5:15 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 355 C
Periphyton II
Moderator:Walter R. Hill
3:30 PMNutrient and water quality influences on periphyton biomass and community composition in an arid-land river
Rebecca J. Bixby, Ayesha S. Burdett, Nathan Daves-Brody
3:45 PMRelating benthic algal biomass to stream nutrients using hierarchical lineal models
Christian Parker, Yangdong Pan
4:00 PMEffects of nutrients on sestonic algae, benthic algae and macrophytes in streams
Chantal Vis, Patricia Chambers
4:15 PMDetecting single cell algal nutritional content and nitrogen uptake in natural benthic assemblages
Justin N. Murdock, Walter K. Dodds, David L. Wetzel
4:45 PMSpatial and temporal variability in periphyton response to simulated nonpoint source (NPS) inputs in the Muskegon River watershed, Michigan
Mary E. Ogdahl, Alan Steinman, Scott Kendall
5:00 PMSimultaneous manipulations of light and phosphorus: Consequences for periphyton productivity and composition
Walter R. Hill, Brian J. Roberts, Shari E. Fanta
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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