Wednesday, May 28, 2008: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 355 B
Special Session - Taxonomy and Systematics in Benthic Science: Roles and New Directions I
Taxonomic and systematic research has long been and continues to be an integral part of the NABS community. This is evidenced by the growing number of members listing taxonomy as their primary interest area (NABS Secretary’s report 2007), and NABS-sponsored initiatives such as the Taxonomic Certification Program, taxonomy fairs, and identification workshops. Nonetheless, in recent years there has been a decline in presentations at the annual meeting and JNABS papers featuring basic systematic and taxonomic research. Apart from providing identification resources, what is the role of taxonomy & systematics in benthic science? This special session aims to discuss such issues as well as highlight some of the current trends in modern systematic & taxonomic research of freshwater organisms including digital taxonomy, methods of phylogenetic analysis, and the use of molecular data.
Organizers:Christy Jo Geraci
Desiree R. Robertson
1:30 PMFraming new directions in benthic science
Desiree R. Robertson, Christy Jo Geraci
1:45 PMInteractive identification keys in aquatic insect taxonomy: New developments and challenges
Ralph W. Holzenthal
2:00 PMLumbriculidae (Annelida, Oligochaeta) of the southeastern united states – studies of a taxonomically-difficult group produce remarkable new discoveries
Steven V. Fend, David R. Lenat
2:15 PMThe systematics of libelluloid dragonflies: Using molecular and morphological data to answer evolutionary riddles
Jessica L. Ware
2:30 PMLinking ecology and phylogeny: The influence of environmental features and phylogenetic history on body size in the caddisfly genus oligophlebodes (Trichoptera: Uenoidae)
Patina K. Mendez, Ralph W. Holzenthal
2:45 PMHow well does the morphological taxonomy of aquatic insects correlate with genetic divergence? a molecular comparison of closely-related species in the genus Ephemerella (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae)
Laurie C. Alexander, David J. Hawthorne, William O. Lamp
3:00 PMObjectivity in the resolution of species: A case study in the Ephemerellidae
David H. Funk, Bernard W. Sweeney, John K. Jackson
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