Monday, May 26, 2008: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 255 F
Special Session - Freshwater Benthic Science: What Has it Contributed to General Ecological Theory I
This session will explore the contribution our science has made to general concepts of ecological theory. The goal of the session is to identify areas where advances in general ecological theory have been made by our science and to identify key areas where a greater role could be played and the mechanisms by which this could occur. The session will conclude with a short workshop to discuss how freshwater benthic science can take a more leading role in advancing ecological concepts and identify key global threads where freshwater ecology must play a major role. The application of key ecological theory from freshwater habitats to restoration approaches will also be considered.
Organizers:Sandy Milner
Klement Tockner
1:30 PMReconciling theory and practise: The role of stream ecology
Ross M. Thompson, P. Sam Lake
1:45 PMSynthetic opportunities to advance theory of landscape ecology using fluvial systems
Stuart G. Fisher
2:00 PMSelf-organization of biophysical complexity in riverscapes
Jack A. Stanford, Mark S. Lorang
2:15 PMModel systems and the comparative approach in stream ecology
Alan G. Hildrew, Guy Woodward
2:30 PMColonization and succession of stream communities in glacier bay, Alaska; Contribution to successional theory?
Alexander M. Milner, Anne Robertson
2:45 PMChallenges and opportunities presented by stream ecosystems for testing and refining metabolic theory
Jennifer Follstad Shah, Emily S. Bernhardt, Robert O. Hall, Alexander Huryn, Patrick J. Mulholland, Brian J. Roberts, Robert L. Sinsabaugh, H. Maurice Valett
3:00 PMEcological genetics and running waters: Role in ecological/evolutionary theory
Christopher T. Robinson, Jane Hughes, Helmut Buergmann
Sponsor:Special Sessions

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