Monday, May 26, 2008: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Salt Palace Convention Center - Room 355 B
Large River Ecology
Moderator:Brian H. Hill
1:30 PMNonwadeable streams in the west: More and less than you expect
Thomas R. Whittier, Alan T. Herlihy
1:45 PMHome on the big river, part II: Great river habitat quality indices
Debra L. Taylor, Mark S. Pearson, Theodore R. Angradi, David W. Bolgrien, Brian H. Hill, Terri M. Jicha, Mary F. Moffett
2:00 PMStable isotope study of historical and present day fish communities in two arid river basins: Does river regulation alter carbon sources and feeding relationships of fishes?
Thomas F. Turner, Ayesha S. Burdett, Melanie S. Edwards
2:15 PM(TALK WITHDRAWN BY AUTHOR) patterns of macroinvertebrate diversity and community structure across a gradient of river-floodplain connectivity
Bradley S. Williams, Reid Adams
2:30 PMTowards photogrammetric surveillance of periphyton in rivers under mediterranean climates and the role of algal species for insect emergence
Rex L. Lowe, Mary E. Power, Michael Limm, Collin Bode, Samantha Chang, Jacques C. Finlay, Maria Goodrich, Jack Sculley
2:45 PMDischarge-control of chlorophyll biomass among 7 years of a mid-summer transect of the ohio river
Michael C. Miller, Hannah Lubbers, Rebecca L. Evans
3:00 PMThe use of survey data to estimate nutrient export in the Mississippi River basin
Brian H. Hill, Terri M. Jicha, Alan T. Herlihy, David W. Bolgrien, Stephen G. Paulsen
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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