Thursday, June 7, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Richland Room C (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Landscapes II
Organizer:Karen H. Gaines
10:15 AMSurface hydrology of low-relief landscapes: an assessment of hydrologic connectivity and flow impedance using LIDAR-derived digital elevation models
Krista L. Jones, Geoffrey C. Poole, Scott J. O'Daniel, Leal A. K. Mertes, Jack A. Stanford
10:30 AMEcological Recovery Below Streamflow Diversion Dams: Development of a Risk-based GIS Model
Julia M. McCarthy, N. LeRoy Poff
10:45 AMMeasuring Effective Conservation of Aquatic Ecological Systems in the Northern Great Plains Ecoregion of Montana: Gaps and Successes
David Stagliano
11:00 AMDevelopment of Suspended Sediment Standards for Headwater Streams in Potato Production Regions of Atlantic Canada
Glenn A. Benoy, Ph.D., Joseph M. Culp, Ph.D., Robert Brua, Ph.D., Clair Murphy
11:15 AMThe Influence of Natural Lakes and Artificial Impoundments on the Transport and Fate of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in two Southeastern Michigan River Catchments
Nathan Scott Bosch, J. David Allan, Thomas H. Johengen, Haejin Han
11:30 AMLandscape control of biological attributes of connecting streams within a chain of Arctic lakes
Heidi M. Rantala, Alexander D. Huryn, George W. Kling
11:45 AMI used to think that sinkholes are islands, but I grew out of it: dragonflies experience an ontogenetic shift in landscape function
Karen H. Gaines
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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