Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 3:45 PM-5:30 PM
Congaree Room (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Community Ecology II
Organizer:Angela Moline
3:45 PMAre plant beds in streams hot spots for invertebrate abundance, biomass and diversity?
Michael P. Shupryt, Robert S. Stelzer
4:00 PMThe Hyporheic Invertebrates of a Southern Arizona Stream
Christine L. Goforth, David Walker
4:15 PMCancelled
4:30 PMEcological variation within and among chironomid subfamilies and tribes: implications for ecological studies and bioassessments
Brian R. Creutzburg, Charles P. Hawkins
4:45 PMDirect Effects of Predatory Invertebrates versus Indirect Effects of Benthic Fishes on the Trophic Structure of a Dryland Stream
Ryan R. McShane, David E. Cowley
5:00 PMThe use of the Pinkham-Pearson index for the comparison of community structure in BioSim2 to identify statistically-valid sectors of taxa with sites
Darlene Olsen, PhD, Mathematics, Carlos F. A. Pinkham, PhD, Zoology, J. Gareth Pearson, Past, EPA, Brian P. Reid, PhD, Chemistry
5:15 PMDeveloping a stream typology for the Colorado Plateau using sparse streamflow gauge data and GIS-derived watershed variables
Angela Moline, N. LeRoy Poff, David M. Theobald
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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