Thursday, June 7, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Lexington Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Bioassessment VI
Organizer:R.C. Bailey
8:00 AMImproving characterization of the biota expected under reference conditions
Michelle F. Bowman, Keith M. Somers, Charles P. Hawkins
8:15 AMMinimally disturbed? Assemblage prediction through the concept of environmental filters helps to define the status of reference sites used in freshwater bioassessment
Bruce C. Chessman, Ph.D.
8:30 AMSPEAR a System of Trait-Based Indicators for Organic Toxicants
Mikhail Beketov, Matthias Liess
8:45 AMThe Use of Weight-of-Evidence Approaches to Evaluate Moderate Levels of Contamination: A Case Study of PAHs at Isle Royale National Park
William H. Clements, Oliver N. Cox
9:00 AMUsing Structural Equation Modeling to Investigate the Direct and Indirect Effects of Nutrients on Stream Integrity
Michael B. Griffith, F. Bernard Daniel
9:15 AMComputer algorithms and machinery for automated benthic invertebrate sample processing
David A. Lytle, Asako Yamamuro, Natalia Larios, Hongli Deng, Joshua Thomas, Jenny Yuen, Salvador Ruiz Correa, Robert Paasch, Andrew Moldenke, Eric Mortensen, Linda Shapiro, Tom Dietterich
9:30 AMWould you rather be powerful, sensitive, or both?
Robert C. Bailey
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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