Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 2:00 PM-5:30 PM
Exhibit Hall (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Poster Session - Disturbance Ecology
Use of Geospatial Data to Predict Downstream Impacts of Coal Mining in an Appalachian Watershed
Brent R. Johnson, Adam Haas, Ken M. Fritz
The Effect of Road Salt (NaCl) on Life History Characteristics of Chironomus riparius
Mark F. Stauffer Jr., Shannon M. Rupprecht, Pamela Silver
The ecological integrity of agricultural headwaters: a paired-reached comparison of county drains and natural stream channels
Jill E. Kelley, J. David Allan
Influence of flood frequency and fish on invertebrate communities in experimental stream mesocosms
Daniel P. Whiting, Matt R. Whiles, Katie N. Bertrand, Keith B. Gido, Walter K. Dodds
Ecohydraulic Effects of Flow Extraction in Rocky Mountain Streams
Daniel W. Baker, Brian P. Bledsoe, Christine M. Albano, N. Leroy Poff
Snag-Dwelling Invertebrates of the Rio Grande: Recovery After a Long-Term Desiccation Disturbance
Benjamin J. Weibell, Arthur C. Benke
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