Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 2:00 PM-5:30 PM
Exhibit Hall (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Poster Session - Biogeochemistry
Nutrient chemistry and transformation during the final meter of groundwater discharge in seeps adjacent to a groundwater-dominated stream
Frank J. Triska, John H. Duff, Alan P. Jackman, Ronald J. Avanzino
Nitrate Retention Capacity in Streams of the Wisconsin Sand Plains
Robert S. Stelzer, David G. Flagel, Susan L. Eggert, Maureen A. Muldoon
Reaeration coefficient measurements using a modified propane injection method in western Kentucky streams
Hwa-Seong Jin, James B. Ramsey, George W. Kipphut, David S. White
The Effect of Agro-Urban Land-Use on Stream Retention of Dissolved Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus in SE Idaho
Heather A. Bechtold, Amy M. Marcarelli, Colden V. Baxter, Richard S. Inouye
The Impact of Permafrost and Groundwater Flowpaths on the Quantity and Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter in Boreal Forest Streams
Kelly L. Balcarczyk, Jeremy B. Jones
Nitrogen deposition organizes dissolved organic matter dynamics in the biogeochemical continuum of ecosystems in the Appalachian Mountains
Philip Taylor, H. Maurice Valett
Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Midwestern Agricultural Streams
Thomas J. Warrner, Todd V. Royer, Natalie A. Griffiths, Michelle A. Evans-White, Jennifer L. Tank, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Matt R. Whiles
Variability in Nitrate Uptake and Geomorphic Complexity in Two Segments of an Urban Stream
Jennifer Mueller Price, Daniel W. Baker, Brian P. Bledsoe
Assessment of nitrification and denitrification in two streams of the Kansas River watershed in Central Kansas
Bradley J. Austin, Eric A. Strauss
Organic C and N transport distances in tall-grass prairie streams
Jonathan M. O'Brien, Walter K. Dodds, Kymberly C. Wilson
Denitrification Potential along a Nitrate gradient within Mink Creek
Christopher P. Wilhelm, Amy M. Marcarelli, Colden V. Baxter, Richard S. Inouye
Nitrogen loss in the Mississippi River due to denitrification
Eric A. Strauss, William B., Richardson, Lynn A. Bartsch, Jennifer C. Cavanaugh
Dominant Processes that Affect Nutrient Retention in Small Streams of the Missouri Ozarks
Cem Selman, Dev K. Niyogi, Mark W. Fitch
The effects of large wood addition on transient storage in three northern Michigan streams
Mia L. Stephen, Timothy J. Hoellein, Jennifer L. Tank, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Sally A. Entrekin, Gary A. Lamberti
The Influence of Stream Acidification on Nutrient Immobilization by Microbial Decomposers: Implications for Whole-Stream Nitrogen Processing
Damon T. Ely, Daniel V. Schiller, H. Maurice Valett
Influence of Forest Management on Salmon-Derived Nutrient Dynamics in Southeast Alaska Streams
Peter Levi, Jennifer L. Tank, Scott D. Tiegs, Dominic T. Chaloner, Gary A. Lamberti
An Agent-Based Model of Floodplain and Aquifer Biogeochemistry
Alison P. Appling, Emily S. Bernhardt, Geoffrey C. Poole, John S. Kimball, Jack A. Stanford
Phosphorus limitation in the microbial community of an acid mine drainage-impacted stream in north central Pennsylvania, USA
Jennifer C. Biddinger, Steven T Rier
The effects of leaf litter removal on phosphate spiraling in a small New York stream
Walker C. Pett, Catherine A. Gibson, Catherine M. O'Reilly
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