Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Lexington Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Special Session - Innovative Techniques to Inject Ecological Knowledge into Water Management I
Efforts to manage water to meet human needs often neglect the needs of freshwater species and ecosystems, with detrimental ecological consequences. The ultimate aim of much of our scientific research is to promote sustainable, healthy, river systems through informed decision-making. The theme of this session is water management and innovative techniques used to promote the application of ecological knowledge to achieve ecological outcomes. Talks in this session will focus on innovative technology transfer methods, including the use of the e-learning techniques.
Organizer:Susan Nichols
1:30 PMUsing the e-learning technique for evaluating the level of rigor of a bioassessment program
Michael T. Barbour, Susan Nichols, Katie Ryan, Belinda Young, Richard Norris
1:45 PMSetting ecological targets with the aid of Internet assisted activities
Susan Nichols, Ruth O’Connor, Richard H. Norris, Peter Oliver, Bill Johnson
2:00 PMThe CABIN online learning project
Stephanie Sylvestre, Christie Mackinlay, Giselle Bouchard, Tim Pascoe, Donald Baird, Joseph Culp
2:15 PMBugML: allowing interoperability of data from distributed data sources
Timothy Pascoe
2:30 PMInteractive web-based data visualization for discovery and decision-making:
Richard Axler, George Host, Norm Will, Cynthia Hagley, Jesse Schomberg, Marnie Lonsdale, Lucinda Johnson
2:45 PMBiological Indicators of Watershed Health: A Resource and Portal for EPA Bioassessment Activities
Wayne S. Davis
3:00 PMThe feasibility of a database of causal evidence for identifying human impacts in river ecosystems
Michael J., Stewardson, Angus Webb, Brian Finlayson, Wayne Stephenson, Andrew Western, Peter Gell
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