Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Lexington Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Special Session - Qualitative Mathematics in Aquatic Ecology
Organizer:Desiree D. Tullos
8:00 AMThe Paradox of the Plankton: Community Structure Promotes Blooms
Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, Ph.D., Peter M. Eldridge, PhD, Phil A. Rossignol, PhD
8:15 AMQualitative Models of Published Studies of Community Interactions: How Well Do They Agree?
Hiram Li, Geoff Hosack, Philippe Rossignol
8:30 AMQualitative Reasoning about Food Webs: Exploring Alternative Representations
Tim Nuttle, Ph.D.
8:45 AMA Qualitative Assessment of the Relative Effects of Bycatch Reduction, Fisheries and Hypoxia on Coastal Nekton Communities in the Gulf of Mexico
Donald M. Baltz, Ph.D, Hiram W. Li, Ph.D, Philippe A. Rossignol, PhD, Edward J. Chesney, Ph.D, Theodore S. Switzer, Ph.D
9:00 AMModeling the Response of Benthic Communities to Nutrient Enrichment in a Coastal Embayment Using Qualitative Mathematics
Geoffrey R. Hosack, Keith R. Hayes, Jeffrey M. Dambacher
9:15 AMDam logic: Qualitative reasoning simulations of benthic macroinvertebrate responses to dam removal scenarios
Desiree Tullos, Ph.D.
9:30 AMBeginning to see the whole picture: Reciprocal predator-prey interactions in riparian zones of the Oregon Coast Range
Judy Li, Hang K. Luh, Holly Ober, Amanda Robillard, Sharmila Premdas, Paula Graff, Nicolas Romero, Stephanie Hart, David Hibbs, Steven Perakis, John Hayes, Robert Gresswell
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