Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Lexington Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Special Session - Benthic vertebrates: Ecology and conservation of substrate-oriented fishes
Fishes with specialized benthic habits those that spawn, feed, and/or shelter extensively on the bottom - are a diverse and unique component of aquatic ecosystems. Benthic fishes influence ecosystem processes; they can modify habitats by rearranging substrate during spawning and foraging, and affect community structure through predation effects. Benthic orientation in fishes has also been identified as a correlate of imperilment among freshwater fishes, due to factors such as restricted movement and their dependence on the ecological integrity of the benthic environment. This session will focus on benthic specialization, its ecological roles, and implications for conservation of fishes.
Organizer:Mark Scott
10:15 AMEffects of Natural Flow Variability on the Occurrence of Shoal-Dependent Fishes Over Nine Years in the Etowah River, Georgia, USA
Megan Hagler, Byron J. Freeman
10:30 AMThe geographic distribution of genetic diversity in the Fantail Darter, Etheostoma flabellare (Percidae: Catonotus), from the lower Atlantic Slope, Upper Tennessee, and New river drainages
Rebecca Blanton, Henry L. Bart Jr.
10:45 AMComparing the Responses of Fish Assemblages to Dams in Georgia Streams
Nick Ozburn, Carol Johnston
11:00 AMSpatial perspectives on the population and habitat ecology of benthic stream fishes
James H. Roberts
11:15 AMAssociations between Benthicity and other Traits in North American Freshwater Fishes: Implications for Predicting Species Imperilment
Emmanuel Frimpong, Paul L. Angermeier
11:30 AMEcology and conservation of benthic fishes: reproduction
Mark Wildhaber
11:45 AMSpatial and Temporal Variation in the Effects of Grazing Fish and Crayfish on Benthic Communities During Stream Drying
John P. Ludlam, Daniel D. Magoulick
Sponsor:Special Sessions

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