Monday, June 4, 2007: 6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Lexington Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Special Session - The State of Water Law and Policy
The past year has seen dramatic legal decisions affecting water law in the US. In addition, regulatory changes affecting streams and rivers have been or are being proposed. These legal and regulatory changes are influenced by scientific knowledge. This session will be a review of how science has been and is currently being incorporated into major legal, regulatory, and other policy changes affecting stream and river quality around the world. It will focus both on uses of current knowledge and on where important knowledge gaps present problems for regulatory and legal development. Speakers will represent federal, state, and international perspectives. The theme for the inaugural edition of this session will be on defining jurisdictional waters, of great interest in the US following the 2006 Rapanos vs United States Supreme Court decision.
Organizer:Michael Paul
6:00 PMDefining water of the US post-Rapanos: where's the significant nexus?
Derb S. Carter Jr.
6:30 PMScience to Inform Policy on Protection of Headwater Streams
Ken Fritz
6:45 PMMountaintop Removal/Valley Fill Mining: Unresolved Conflicts and Questions between Industry, Conservation, Public, and Government Interests
J. Bruce Wallace
7:00 PMPanel Discussion
Sponsor:Special Sessions

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