Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Richland Room B (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Organizer:Timothy W. Stewart, Assistant, Profe
1:30 PMInvertebrate availability for waterfowl consumption during the spring migratory period
Richard D. Schultheis, Michael W. Eichhholz, PhD, Matt R. Whiles, PhD, Tina Yerkes, PhD
1:45 PMQuantifying Great Lakes Wetland Habitat Structure for Environmental Assessment
Lucinda Johnson, Jennifer Olker, Valerie Brady, Jan J.H. Ciborowski, Dan Breneman
2:00 PMThe Trouble with Relationships: Influence of Spatial Scale on Wetland Macroinvertebrate Community Response to Environmental Stressors
Mollie D. McIntosh, Richard W. Merritt, Vanessa L. Lougheed, M. Eric Benbow, R. Jan Stevenson
2:15 PMMacroinvertebrate communities in natural and restored floodplain wetlands in the central Platte River basin
Clinton K. Meyer, Matt R. Whiles
2:30 PMCancelled
2:45 PMRelationships between macroinvertebrate community attributes and common carp occurrence in recently constructed wetlands
Timothy W. Stewart
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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