Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Richland Room B (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Microbial Ecology
Organizer:Stuart Findlay
8:00 AMBuruli ulcer and biofilms: Linking benthic algae to disease prevalence in Ghana
Stephanie A. Miller, R. Jan Stevenson, M. Eric Benbow, Richard W. Merritt, Mollie D. McIntosh
8:15 AMEnvironmental Controls on Bacterial and Fungal Communities in Fossil Creek, a Travertine Stream in Central Arizona
Brenda L. Harrop, Jane C. Marks, Mary E. Watwood
8:30 AMThe Effects of Nutrient Forms and Stoichiometry on the Bacterial Community Composition in Wetland Enclosures
Melissa A. Rubin, Megan Whitehead, Laura G. Leff
8:45 AMEffects of acid mine drainage on biofilm extracellular enzyme activity in streams
Steven T. Rier, Jennifer C. Biddinger, Matthew E. McTammany, Thomas L. Bott, Bernard W. Sweeney
9:00 AMMicrobial taxonomic and functional diversity in parafluvial sediments of cold and hot desert streams
Lydia H. Zeglin, Cristina D. Takacs-Vesbach, Cliff N. Dahm, Robert L. Sinsabaugh, J. E. Barrett, Michael Gooseff
9:15 AMWho's inside the black box of ammonia oxidation in forested headwater streams as assessed by taxon-specific quantitative PCR
Meredith S. Wright, Amy D. Rosemond, J Vaun McArthur
9:30 AMStream Denitrification Potential- Where and How Much?
Stuart Findlay, Patrick J. Mulholland, Robert O. Hall, Stephen K. Hamilton, Bruce J. Peterson, Jennifer L. Tank, Cliff N. Dahm, Walter K. Dodds, Nancy B. Grimm, William H. McDowell, H. Maurice Valett, Jackson R. Webster, Chelsea Crenshaw, Jody Potter, Melody J. Bernot, Daniel J. Sobota
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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