Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Richland Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Land/Water Interfaces
Organizer:Clifford E. Kraft
10:15 AMThe Role of Road Corridors on Riparian Vegetation and Tropical Stream Ecosystem Dynamics
Todd A. Crowl, Alan P. Covich, Catherine L. Hein, M.S., Tamara Heartsill Scalley
10:30 AMFloodplain contributions to basal resources and retention in montane rivers: Comparison of dredge-mined to reference segments
J. Ryan Bellmore, Colden V. Baxter, Andrew M. Ray
10:45 AMThe "Fire Pulse:" Effects of wildfire on periphyton, benthos, insect emergence, and riparian predators in a wilderness watershed
Rachel L. Wilkinson, Colden V. Baxter
11:00 AMInfluences of Deforestation and Riparian Forest Buffers on Macroinvertebrate Community Composition and Diversity in Lowland Neotropical Streams
Christopher M. Lorion, Jeffrey H. Braatne, Brian P. Kennedy
11:15 AMSpatial and temporal variation of microbial communities associated with native and invasive riparian vegetation
Sarah A. Pugh, Julie B. Olson, Amelia K. Ward
11:30 AMStructure of Old-Growth Riparian Forests and Effects on in-Stream Wood, Adirondack Mountains (NY, USA)
Clifford E. Kraft, William S. Keeton, Dana R. Warren
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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