Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM
Richland Room C (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Food Webs
Organizer:Steve Blumenshine
8:00 AMEffects of Resource Pulses and Spatial Subsidies on Food Web Dynamics and Community Structure in Karst Springs of the Ozarks
Teresa M. Carroll, James H. Thorp, PhD
8:15 AMPredicting Sources and Sinks of Nitrogen in Yellowstone Lake before and after the Decline of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Lusha M. Tronstad, PhD, student, Robert O. Hall Jr., Todd M. Koel
8:30 AMAnsiogammarus kygi (Crustacea: Malocostraca: Amphipoda) in a Kamchatkan Tundra River: Life History and Consumption of Salmon Carcasses
Audrey M. Thompson, Jack A. Stanford
8:45 AMDo autochthonous food resources dominate mid-order Arctic stream food webs?
Angela R. Allen, Bruce J. Peterson, William B. Bowden, Alex D. Huryn, Michael B. Flinn, Julia R. Larouche, Kumi L. Rattenbury, Diane Sanzone
9:00 AMUsing Ecosystem Production Budgets to Assess Resource Limitation of Native and Non-Native Fishes in Colorado River, Grand Canyon
Wyatt F. Cross, Colden V. Baxter, Robert O. Hall Jr., Theodore A. Kennedy, Scott Rogers, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Michael D. Yard
9:15 AMRiver food webs during summer dry-down in the Middle Rio Grande: a study using stable isotope analysis
Ayesha S. Burdett, Thomas F. Turner
9:30 AMSmall-Scale Variation in Headwater Stream Food Webs and Elemental Pathways
Steve Blumenshine, Nicholas Basile
Sponsor:Contributed Sessions

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