Tuesday, June 5, 2007: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM
Richland Room C (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Conservation Ecology
Organizer:R. Edward DeWalt
10:15 AMControlling Phragmites australis and the effects on microbial biomass and invertebrate communities
Emmalisa Brown, Laura G. Leff, Ferenc A. de Szalay
10:30 AMFish community alterations in streams of a tropical forest fragment and the adjacent agricultural matrix: upstream encroachment by disturbance-tolerant species and loss of fragment core habitat
Donald P. Eaton, Richard W. Rust
10:45 AMCancelled
11:00 AMConservation of a predatory, freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium carcinus) in Puerto Rico
Catherine L. Hein, Sarah M. Redd, Todd A. Crowl, Armando Gonzalez-Caban, Alan P. Covich
11:15 AMLongitudinal relationships between genetic diversity and larval density of the caddisfly Hydropsyche orientalis
Kozo Watanabe, Ph.D, Michael T. Monaghan, Ph.D, Tatsuo Omura, Ph.D
11:30 AMIdentifying diversity among cryptic species: Implications for imperiled snail fauna (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) in the increasingly urbanized Cahaba River, Alabama, USA
Lori R. Tolley-Jordan, Alexander D. Huryn, Arthur E. Bogan
11:45 AMParks and Preserves as Refuges for Stoneflies (Plecoptera) in Indiana and Illinois
R. Edward DeWalt, Donald W. Webb, Scott A. Grubbs
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