Wednesday, June 6, 2007: 1:30 PM-3:15 PM
Congaree Room (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Community Ecology I
Organizer:Deb J. Walks
1:30 PMSpecies Cell Size And Distribution Jointly And Differentially Determine Diatom Population Densities In US Running Waters
Sophia I. Passy
1:45 PMA Comparison of Microbial, Algal and Macroinvertebrate Communities in 4 Adirondack Mountain Streams Affected by Episodic Acidification
Randy Fuller, Matthew Neatrour, Jonathon Crossett, Devin Clifford, Maureen Lynch, Patrick McDermot, Anne Samarco
2:00 PMIntra-patch dynamics of a sponge-associated invertebrate community: assembly, production and life-cycles
John R. Wallace, Ph.D., M. Eric Benbow, Jill M. Rudy, Cindy Willman-Kinsey
2:15 PMCompetition among juveniles as a potential mechanism for crayfish species displacement in an Ozark river drainage
Eric R. Larson, Daniel D. Magoulick
2:30 PMWhy are snail shells shiny where's the algae?
Elizabeth A. Bergey, Lindsey L. Abbott
2:45 PMMacroinvertebrate responses to zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) colonization of stream substrates
Alyson A. Olesen, Reuben R. Goforth
3:00 PMTemporal changes in fish communities of the Central Great Plains, Kansas
Deb J. Walks, Jonathan P. Aguilar, Walter K. Dodds, Keith B. Gido, James K. Koelliker, Kimberly A. With
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