Monday, June 4, 2007: 3:15 PM-5:00 PM
Richland Room A (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
Biogeochemistry I
Organizer:Emily Bernhardt
3:15 PMThe metabolic theory of ecology: Insights from stream ecosystems
Jennifer Follstad Shah, Emily Bernhardt, Alex Huryn, H. Maurice Valett
3:30 PMWhole-stream respiration and nighttime regression model for aeration
Alyssa J. Standorf, Walter K. Dodds
3:45 PMAquatic effects of a terrestrial invader: 35-year natural experiment shows Russian olive alters basal resources and community metabolism of a desert spring stream
Madeleine M. Mineau, Colden V. Baxter, Amy M. Marcarelli, G. Wayne Minshall, Steven A. Thomas
4:00 PMSeasonal and spatial variability in nutrient availability and nutrient uptake in streams from a Mediterranean catchment
Daniel Von Schiller, Eugčnia Martí, Joan L. Riera, Miquel Ribot, Alba Argerich, Paula Fonolla, Jane C. Marks, Francesc Sabater
4:15 PMPropagation and retention of phosphorus and sediment pulses in highly developed ecosystems
Stephen M. Powers, Emily H. Stanley
4:30 PMInfluence of catchment bedrock geology on hydrology, chemistry, and ecosystem metabolism in forested headwater streams
Brian J. Roberts, Patrick J. Mulholland
4:45 PMPropagation and dissipation of watershed signals along the river continuum: geomorphic, hydrologic and biogeochemical recovery trajectories of an urban stream
Emily S. Bernhardt, Brooke A. Hassett, Elizabeth B. Sudduth, Peter A. Cada
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